Former Student Assistants

Name remit was in the team courses of study Contact
Sabrina van Haaren web administration WS 20/21 to WS 21/22 Bachelor Georesources Management
Christina Rauen in- and outgoings WS 20/21 to WS 21/22 Master Applied Geosciences

  Sabrina van Haaren Copyright: © Sabrina van Haaren

Course of Study: B.Sc. Georesources Management

Why Geosciences? Geosciences are everywhere in everyday life and super versatile, which makes the study exciting and application-oriented.

My best memories of the past semesters are the excursions and many event together with fellow students, you get to know many different people and understand more and more geological contexts that take place around you.

  Christina Rauen Copyright: © Christina Rauen

Semester & Course: M.Sc. Applied Geosciences

Why Geosciences? I wanted to do something along the lines of geography that also brought in some technical aspects.

Best memory of past semesters: lectures at 5:30 due to time difference from abroad. (Other cool memories were so long ago ☹).