Division Council


The decision-making body of the Divsion of Earth Sciences and Geography is the divsion council. The council is chaired by the division spokesperson.

In accordance to § 24 section 1 of the faculty regulation, the division council consists of members from the following groups:

  1. All division professors
  2. Three elected scientific staff members
  3. Two elected non-scientific staff members
  4. Two student members each from the student bodies

The members of the division council, the division spokesperson, and their deputies are in office for two years; the student term of office is one year.


Members of the division council (Term of office: October 1, 2021, to Spetember 30, 2022)

Chair: Prof. Ralf Littke

Deputy: Prof. Klaus Reicherter

Group of divsion professors

Prof. Florian Amann

Prof. Stefan Back

Prof. Susanne Buiter Prof. Stefan Fina
Prof. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith Prof. Hendrikus Hendricks-Franssen
Prof. Peter Kukla Prof. Frank Lehmkuhl
Prof. Michael Leuchner Prof. Ralf Littke

Prof. Cordula Neiberger

Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach
Prof. Klaus Reicherter Jun.-Prof. Nicole Richter
Prof. Thomas R. Rüde Prof. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

Prof. Jan Schwarzbauer

Prof. Helge Stanjek
Prof. Jan van der Kruk Prof. Andreas Voth
Prof. Thomas Wagner Vertret.-Prof. Florian Wagner
Prof. Thomas Weirich Prof. Florian Wellmann
Prof. Mirijam Zobel Jun.-Prof. Sakura Yamamura

Group of elected scientific staff

Dr. rer. nat. Denise Degen

Member with voting rights

Dipl.-Geogr. Kathrin Heinzmann

Member with voting rights

Dr. rer. nat. Philipp Schulte Member with voting rights
Dr. Marius Waldvogel Deputy
M. Sc. Malte Giesenow Deputy

Group of elected non-scientific staff

Dipl.-Bibl. Cornelia Lutter M.A.

Member with voting rights

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Krause

Member with voting rights
Bettina Noll Deputy

Student members (two student members each per student body with voting rights)

Florian Thiex

Member with voting rights - Fachschaft 5.3

Jan David Wagner

Member with voting rights - Fachschaft 5.3

Greta Kautz

Deputy - Fachschaft 5.3

Christina Rauen

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.3

Finja Hinrichs

Member with voting rights - Fachschaft 5.4

Malena Moog

Member with voting rights - Fachschaft 5.4

Orpha Fiedler

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.4

Pia Hildmann

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.4

Simone Franssen Division Office
Adjunct.-Prof. Rolf Bracke Adjunct-Profesor