Structural committee


Chaired by the division spokesperson, the structural committee is responsible for financial and construction and building-planning matters, research, divsion structure, up-and-coming researchers and evaluation of research.

Member proposals are put forth by the groups and are elected by the divsion council. The committee consits at a ratio of four divsion professors to one scientific staff, one non-scientific staff, and two student members. The term of office is one year for student members and two years for all other groups. During the elections, care must be taken to ensure that both teaching units are adequately represented by members of the structural committee.


Members of the structural committee (term of office: 01.10.2018-30.09.2020)

Chair: Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach

Deputy: Prof. Georg Roth

Group of division professors

Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach

Member with voting rights

Prof. Georg Roth

Member with voting rights

Prof. Klaus Reicherter

Member with voting rights

Prof. Ralf Littke Deputy
Prof. Peter Kukla Deputy

Gruppe der wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiter/innen

Dipl.-Geogr. Kathrin Heinzmann

Member with voting rights

PD Dr. Georg Stauch Deputy

Gruppe der Beschäftigten in Technik und Verwaltung

Dipl.-Bibl. Cornelia Lutter M.A.

Member with voting rights

Bettina Noll Deputy

Studentische Mitglieder

Madeleine Wörner

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.3

Joschka Heyartz

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.4

Ben Peeters Deputy – Student Body 5.3
Julia Mertz Deputy – Student Body 5.4