ICGS Summer School 2022

18.07.2022 - 29.07.2022

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Achieving net-zero emissions and zero carbon footprint by the year 2050 are the major targets set by every nation to preclude the worst effects of climate change. Defossilization, switching to circular economy models to increase circularity per capita, adopting nature-based regenerative and resilient climate solutions, reducing our dependency on fossils, augmenting energy efficiency in production processes and waste prevention are the key interventions required to meet the net-zero goals. Sustainable waste management is central to the development and deployment of strategies to transition to a „low carbon circular economy“ in order to build a sustainable economic, natural and social capital.

Addressing sustainable waste and resource management requires an interdisciplinary and integrated approach that considers advances in research, technological implementations, Waste Prevention, reuse and recycling approaches, management and regulatory aspects, as well as the socio-economic and environmental considerations.

This edition of the IGCS Summer School aims to bring out the connections of sustainable waste management with clean energy, energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, bio-based economy, and restoration of the ecosystem and its services. Topics that will be deliberated include best practices and emerging strategies in Germany and India, such as composting of biodegradable wastes, handling of construction debris, incineration of residual waste, and plastics upcycling methods, liquefaction of unsegregated municipal solid wastes and recycling of industrial wastes.

It brings together Indian and German students who will jointly and interactively develop their skills with the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identifying measures and opportunities in the circular economy to contribute to climate protection
  2. Developing a fundamental and holistic understanding of different waste management systems and technologies
  3. Proposing innovative solutions to strengthen the circular economy


This Summer School will run for twelve days from July 18th until July 29th 2022 and will have two major work streams. The mornings and afternoons will be reserved for lectures and talks given by German and Indian academics and practitioners. The second workstream is dedicated to project work (see below).


The School will consist of lectures, group works, panel discussions, excursions and intercultural exchanges.

The Summer School will be a physical event in Aachen, Germany.


Please contact project coordinator Lisa van Aalst or Dr Anna Uffmann if you have any questions.


IGCS Area Coordinators for Waste, Prof. Dr Vinu (IITM), Prof. Dr Martin Kranert (University of Stuttgart), and Dr Gabriela Garcés (University of Stuttgart).