RockTalk: Latest Research & Challenges in Geosciences

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What is the current state of research in the geosciences? What topics and issues are researchers working on? What influence do digitalisation and climate change have on the geosciences?


Important topics in the future

Geothermal energy in Germany

Final disposal of nuclear waste

Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards



The Division of Geosciences and Geography proudly presents the lecture series RockTalk: Latest Research & Challenges in Geosciences. The lecture series will present current research results and the latest challenges in the geosciences. The lectures are aimed at all interested parties.

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The efforts to investigate the highly active but remote volcanoes of the South Sandwich Islands

  • Speaker: Jun.-Prof. Nicole Richter, Juniorprofessur Fernerkundung von Naturgefahren

  • Date: Thursday, 03.11.2022, 18:30-20:00 Uhr

  • Place: LIH 504, Lochnerstr. 4-20

  • Language of the lecture: English


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