FH-DGGV-Tagung in Aachen

Wednesday, March 20, 2024, 12 midnight

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Our most important geo resource Groundwater:
Analyze - Forecast - Design

29th FH-DGGV-Conference on 20-23.03.2024 in Aachen, Germany
In cooperation with the Chair of Engineering and Hydrogeology (LIH) of RWTH Aachen University

Every morning, three out of four people in Germany drink groundwater. The fact that this is little known is not only due to the masquerading as coffee or tea, but also due to the long way via raw water, water treatment and central water distribution. Water is an indispensable source of food, and groundwater is our most important geological resource. Sustainability and circular economy characterize the management of groundwater. Maintaining ecosystem services to provide groundwater of high quantity and quality is an ongoing task in research and professional practice.

Groundwater management faces new challenges from trace substances and climate change. The complexity of this issue is shown by the increased groundwater recharge in the future in some regions, the increase in droughts, and the open questions about the impact of rising temperatures on groundwater quality. The pressure of use on the sustainably available groundwater reserve will increase.

The 29th meeting of the Hydrogeology Section, as the national association for groundwater, offers, in addition to technical exchange, the opportunity to develop new ideas and form partnerships for related activities. The various sessions will address "analyzing" groundwater systems in terms of quantity and quality, "forecasting" temporal and spatial developments, and "shaping" future groundwater use and its adaptation to climate change.

The program of lectures and posters will be completed by training sessions and excursions. The official conference language is German; part of the plenary lectures will be in English. Submission of English contributions is also possible. Submission of papers will be possible from August onwards. For more information, please visit the conference homepage: : fh-dggv.

Join us for this personal exchange. We are looking forward to seeing you!

With best regards

Your Section Hydrogeology and the Organizing Team Aachen 2024