IGCS Summer School 2023


The Integrations of Renewable Energies into a Power Grid - a Key Contribution towards a Carbon Neutral Society

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Applications are now open for the IGCS Summer School 2023 in Berlin, Germany, focusing on integrating renewable energy sources into the power grid for a sustainable and clean energy future!

Join students from Indian and German institutions as we explore the technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects of renewable energy integration from: July 24th to August 4th, 2023 at the Technical University in Berlin

Don't miss the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and contribute to innovative solutions for a carbon-neutral future!

For more information and application details, visit the IGCS Website

Application Deadline: 1st of May 2023 (7PM CET/ 10:30PM IST)

For more information about past schools and expectations, visit the IGCS Website

Together, let's pave the way for a sustainable energy future!


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