Visit at the Geological Survey NRW

  People Copyright: © Gesa Fuchs  

On January 17, 2020, a total of about 25 Bachelor's students majoring in Applied Geosciences and Georesources Management at RWTH Aachen University visited the Geological Survey of NRW in Krefeld. This extracurricular excursion was initiated by the Praxisinitiative Aachener Geowissenschafter and carried out by members of different student associations and the Student Council Geosciences and Resource Management.

The students were welcomed by the head of the Geological Survey NRW Dr. Ulrich-Wilhelm Pahlke and were given a first introduction about the tasks and working areas of the Geological Survey. In different talks related to geothermal energy, geoinformation systems & 3D modeling, natural hazards in the subsurface of NRW, and hydrogeology, the students were told which knowledge that they acquired during their studies will be particularly helpful for the practical work at the Geological Survey. The students were also given an introduction into the online services of the GD where you can download open geo-data for maps and thesis work. In addition, the participants were shown how to figure out what the natural hazard potential of their hometown. During a walk across the premises of the GD, the students were guided through the laboratory where work is conducted on drill cores and through the drill core repository. The day was concluded with a Q&A round with former students of RWTH Aachen University. The most valuable tips for the students were to learn how to work with geoinformation systems and to keep in mind that a mapping field trip is not only on the surface anymore but also continues in a third dimension into the subsurface. With respect to job opportunities, the GD NRW offers internships and the possibility to write your Master's thesis within a project at the Survey. This will make it easier when applying for jobs with the Geological Survey. To use the offers of internships was highly recommended by the former RWTH students.

The organizers and all participants would like to thank the Geological Survey NRW, all presenting staff and especially Ms. Gesa Fuchs for organizing this amazing day for the students. Everyone gained valuable knowledge and experiences through this exchange and we hope to do this once again in the near future.