Indonesian ambassador at the RWTH


Arif Havas Oegroseno

People Copyright: © Rüde From left to right: Thomas R. Rüde, Arif Havas Oegroseno, Rudolf Henke and Axel Preuße

The Indonesian Ambassador Arif Havas Oegroseno visited the RWTH Aachen University to find out about alternative energy sources like Geothermics and wind energy. These sources should contribute to the expansion of the energy supply of the 17.000 indonesian islands. Oegroseno therefore met inter alia Rudolf Henke (member of the german „Bundestag“ from Aachen) and the commissioner of Indonesia Thomas R. Rüde.

Safety in energy supply and alternatives in energy revolution are important aspects to the indonesian government. Energy supply by coal has still a huge significance to the biggest economy in the southeastasian confederation ASEAN. The department of Georesources and Materials Engineering established the research center GetIN-CICIERO at the Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia.

Project-leader Malte Brettel elucidates best practice examples of various chances of the RWTH like Campus Cluster and digitalHub to manage efficient growth of research ideas to market products in cooperation with the economy. Axel Preuße, Prodekan of the department of Georesources and Materials Engineering, introduces the researches concerning Geothermics at the RWTH Aachen University and the collaboration with the new Frauenhofer-institution for Geothermics. Two very successful cooperations (the Center for Wind Power Drives – Dr. Bosse, and the manufacturing plant of the e.GO Mobile AG – Dr. Wendt) were presented to Oegroseno and his delegation.