Heat generation through thermal water


Report of Tagesspiegel about Florian Amann

photo of Florian Amann Copyright: © Florian Amann

The Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima interviewed Florian Amann. More information about the interview will follow and can be found at Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima.

If residual risks can be pushed to an acceptable level, Florian Amann believes that many things are possible. For example, a much greater use of thermal water for heat generation. The scientist at RWTH Aachen University and Fraunhofer IEG is exploring the subsurface for this purpose.

4 questions for Florian Amann:

Who will save the climate? Politics or the individual?

Everyone is asked to make their contribution. Individuals as citizens and consumers, and politicians as long-term planners who set the framework. And we mustn't forget industry, which makes the major and necessary investments and innovations.

Which flight would you never renounce?

For every urgently needed destination, I would first check the alternatives to a flight. With a little planning and advance notice, it usually works out. The rest has to be compensated.

Who in the energy and climate world has impressed you?

There is no single individual, but the group of researchers and actuaries who have been persistently striving for sustainable solutions for decades, unperturbed by the political direction of the wind.

What idea gives the energy transition new momentum?

Ideas in terms of reducing barriers and streamlining processes. We already know many technologies for immediately achieving a measurable reduction in CO2 emissions. The task now is to transfer these from prototypes to everyday bureaucratic life.