Structure of the course of study


The first three semesters of the Applied Geophysics Master’s take place at TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen, in this order. During the fourth and last semester, the students are expected to accomplish a 20-week long research project, which will be the topic of their Master’s thesis.

  Diagram AGP

Normally, there is a two-weeks introduction program at TU Delft before the program starts, where the students meet their fellow students and explore the university as well as the city Delft. Furthermore, there is a 12-week summer break between the second semester at ETH Zurich and the third semester at RWTH Aachen, where students have the opportunity to gain some practical experience.

The students must obtain 25 credit points in each semester at each corresponding university. 90 credit points need to be collected in total, which consist of core modules and compulsory modules. The Master’s thesis counts additionally for 30 credit points.

More detailed information about module contents and study goals as well as the composition of credit points can be found in the Curriculum and the Handbook of Modules of Applied Geophysics.