Occupational Fields


Due to the strong focus on application aspects, there are career prospects in a wide range of professional fields. Graduates are employed in the following areas at home and abroad:

  • In private sector companies: location management, marketing, coordinating administration, PR activities, controlling, consulting, editing tasks, IT management, media companies, environmental protection/consulting, telecommunications, city management, real estate industry, financial services, traffic management, cross-border coordination, EU-oriented consulting tasks, tourism and leisure industry.
  • In public administration: Regional/urban planning, Regional development/management, Environmental management, Nature conservation planning, Neighbourhood/city management, Business development, GIS-based planning and coordination activities, Development cooperation, International authorities.
  • Self-employment: The professional qualification offers opportunities for self-employment, e.g. in consulting offices or with service companies as external service providers for the occupational fields listed under a) and b).