Switzerland has its own programme: SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Program), which is very similar to the Erasmus program. The Department of Earth Sciences and Geography has a SEMP cooperation with the Faculté des Géosciences e de l'Environnement of the Université de Lausanne.

The nomination will be made by us. Everything else will be done by the University of Lausanne, including the financing. The application is made with the same documents and at the same time as the Erasmus application.

Language course at the RWTH Aachen Language Centre:

Like Erasmus+ Outgoings, SEMP candidates have been granted the right of first refusal for language courses at the RWTH Aachen Language Centre. As soon as you receive a confirmation from Switzerland and would like to attend a language course before your stay, please contact the Language Centre of RWTH Aachen University.

Information about the Université de Lausanne:

Who can apply? B.Sc. and M.Sc.

Number of exchange places: 2 per year

Language of instruction: French

Minimum language level: B2

Academic Calendar

Course Offering

Intensive French Course before stay

French course during your stay