Selection Procedure


The selection of the places will be made by the ERASMUS + coordinators Professor Carmela Pfaffenbach and Professor Klaus Reicherter.

Important for this is that every student submits a complete application and his preference list with up to 3 universities.

So far we have enough places for the number of applicants, but not necessarily for the desired university or desired country.

The most important criterion is the grade point average. The grade should be around 2.5 or better at the time of application. Applications up to 2.7 can be submitted with pleasure, but will be considered only in the 2nd round.

Sort by

  • Grade point average
  • Check whether the choice of courses matches the field of our cooperation partner.
  • Linguistic proficiency
  • Number of previous stays abroad
  • Motivation

The criteria are considered and the applicants are distributed according to their preferences.

The remaining places will be distributed to the other candidates according to their preferences in the same competition.