Application Documents


You need the following application documents for Erasmus +:

  • Letter of motivation in English (letter format, addressed to: Dear Sir or Madam, with signature) or national language (in Romance languages)
  • CV in English or local language (in Romance languages) (dated and signed, scanned photo is sufficient)
  • Student contract
  • Learning Agreement before the mobility
  • Printout of the certificate of the Central Examination Office or copy of the Bachelor's certificate for applicants of the 1st semester M.Sc.
  • Copy of your student ID
  • Copy of a current language certificate (for example grading test at the RWTH Language Center)

Learning Agreement:

First of all, you should take care of the choice of courses. If you have chosen the courses, then discuss them with your study advisor.

On the homepage of the partner university you choose the courses from their subject catalog. You need 30 CPs per semester. Choose 2 - 3 more courses that you can offer as a substitute course when advising on your study advisor at RWTH; in case your selection does not give you enough recognized CP.

In addition you download the corresponding contents / descriptions / module manuals of the courses. With selection and course description (in German translation, if there is no English version) go to your study advisor and get advice.

She or he informs you which of the chosen courses will be

  • accepted
  • not accepted
  • recognized as a voluntary additional subject
  • and / or recognized in the curriculum.

Additional step for geoscientists:

The last-mentioned courses are entered in the certificate of equivalence and are sent (including a description) to the corresponding professorial lecturers. This examines the course for equivalence with his / her course.

Equivalence certificate Earth Sciences

  • Now you complete the Learning Agreement:
  • When you have completed the document, you need a signature
    • Earth Sciences: Chairperson(s) of the Examination Board.
      Include the certificate of equivalence so that the chairperson can see which courses are recognised by the colleagues.
    • Geography: the signature for the chairman of the examination board is taken over by the study advisors; i.e. Mrs. Mühl or Mr. Knippertz. Get his or her signature.

The motivation letter should include:

  1. General short description of your previous studies, study status and possibly specialization
  2. Indication of examinations planned before the start of the study abroad.
  3. Description of your planned study abroad: intended academic achievement, i. Study project or diploma thesis as well as all other events (courses, lectures) and exams. (No list, but generally held)
  4. Reason for the planned stay abroad, i. Why in this country, why at this university and what does it mean for your studies and your future?

Points 1 - 3: about ½ DinA4 page

Point 4: ½ - 1 DinA4 page

Language certificate

If you do not have a current language certificate (the language of instruction in the host country) at hand, we recommend

  • a grading test at the Language Center of the RWTH. Test and certificate are free of charge for RWTH students. Please note that these tests have a maximum number of participants and are therefore quickly fully booked. So register in time!
  • or a printout of the result of the OLS test.

The language certificates should not be older than 12 months.

Indication of several universities

Are you interested not only in one university, but in several? Then please let us know.

  • If it concerns universities exclusively from the Erasmus+ programme, we only need the application documents of the 1st Erasmus choice. In any case, you should have studied the subjects of the 2nd and 3rd Erasmus choice, because if wish 1 is not possible, then certainly 2 or 3 and then we need the complete application documents within 2 weeks.
  • If you have applied for other programs at RWTH Aachen University, please inform us immediately if you have been accepted, so that we can remove you from the Erasmus selection procedure and you do not take away any seats.

Certificate of Equivalence

The certificate of equivalence, which only has to be filled in by students of Earth Sciences, is not included in the application documents. You keep these. You need it, when you return from your stay abroad and must have your results recognised by the examination board.

Please send your application documents in .pdf format to the departmental secretary: