Application Requirements



Regularly enrolled students of RWTH Aachen University can take part in the Erasmus + programme.

Time of Stay Abroad

Participation in the Erasmus + programme is formally possible after the first academic year and up to and including the doctorate. Each faculty, however, decides when and at what level of study a stay abroad makes professional sense.

In the Department of Earth Sciences and Geography a stay abroad is possible:

B.Sc: 5th and / or 6th semester

M.Sc .: every semester

Grade Point Average

At the time of application, the grade shown by proof from the ZPA should be around 2.5 or better, as grading is an essential selection criterion for the Commission.

Linguistic proficiency:

Some universities teach only in their native language, others offer some English-language courses, while others have a wide range of English-language courses.

At the time of application, you should have a language level of at least B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.