After your stay abroad


No later than 6 weeks after the end of your stay abroad you should receive a Transcript of Records from the host university.

The results achieved abroad must be officially approved by the examination board.

Please submit the following documents to the examination board*:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Certificate of equivalence (if available)
  • Learning Agreement (Part 1 before the mobility)
  • Learning Agreement (Part 2 during the mobility, if one exists)

The examination board will send you a letter of acknowledgement which you must submit to the ZPA so that your marks can be registered.

Courses that are not recognised by the examination board can still be included on the certificate as a voluntary additional benefit.

* It is quicker if you hand in your documents to your academic advisor in their office hours. Your academic adviser can act on behalf of the examination board and can usually issue the certificate of recognition for the ZPA directly to you.

- Earth Sciences: Kathrin Heinzmann
- Physical Geography: Dr. Martin Knippertz
- Economic geography: Caroline Mühl