Course Catalogue

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The Department of Earth Sciences and Geography offers 3 B.Sc.- and 5 M.Sc. degree programmes.


Earth Sciences

Applied Geography B.Sc.

Applied Earth Sciences B.Sc.

Applied Geography M.Sc.

Georesources Management B.Sc.

Economical Geography M.Sc.

Applied Earth Sciences M.Sc.

Applied Geophysics M.Sc.

Georesources Management M.Sc.


There are no courses in English offered at the B.Sc. degree programmes. Neither at the M.Sc. degree programmes of Geography.

You are allowed to combine courses of Earth Sciences and Geography. But it is not allowed to combine B.Sc. courses and M.Sc. courses. This is only permitted if the course is offered at your home university in your study programme.

Due to limited capacities it is not possible to take part to the excursions of one week or longer.

It is not possible for incomings to visit foreign language courses; except German Language Courses.

In general it is not possible to visit courses of other faculties. In exceptional cases, it may be permitted if
a.) the other faculty agrees and
b.) 50% of your selected courses are from our course offerings.

However, this needs to be regulated before your arrival. In this case, write an email to Mona Ziemes () in advance and specify the following information: course title, course number and faculty.