Health Insurance


If you want to be enrolled as a student at RWTH Aachen, you are required to have valid health insurance. Please check BEFORE arriving, whether or not your health insurance is valid in Germany and what services are covered. You may want to have supplemental insurance.

You are sufficiently insured in your country of origin for the entire length of your stay?

Then you can continue to use your health insurance during your stay in Germany. However you will have to submit proof that you are exempt from the mandatory German health insurance. To do so, you must submit proof of health insurance (insurance card, European Health Insurance Card, ...) to a German public health insurance company. The insurance company will issue you an exemption certificate. You will need this certificate when enrolling.

Do you not have health insurance or your health insurance isn't valid in Germany?

Then you are required to get insurance in Germany. The German healthcare system has two different types of insurance: public and private health insurance. Students can get German health insurance for about 70 euros a month. If you do not want public health insurance or you are over 30 years old, you must get private insurance.

You can buy German health insurance after enrollment. We recommend having travel health insurance until you have German insurance.

You can get additional information about insurance from the Info Service Center.