Georesources Management M.Sc.


The master's program gives students in the two specializations "Raw Materials Management" and "Environmental Management" in-depth knowledge of concepts, methods and current, interdisciplinary research topics in the field of georesource management and leads them to high scientific qualification and independence in this field. Characteristics of the Master of Science degree is the acquisition of important geoscientific, economics and legal specialization in theory and practice and its scientific foundations as preparation for the professional practice in the strategic planning and expert working environment as well as in the field of research and development.

The qualification of the students aims at the acquisition of competence in the operational and raw material economic, but also raw material political decision making. For spatial planning and regional planning, settlement and industrial planning, they develop the required basic data by assessing the potential of georesources in a given area and taking into account geo-risks. In the case of competing usage claims to the given area, such assessments may lead to prioritization taking into account both the macroeconomic environment and the geological, environmental and technological factors of environmental protection.

The degree program-specific study goals of the master's program "Georessourcenmanagement" thus summarize:

  • Overview of the spectrum of questions, contents and working methods of the overall discipline of georesource management
  • In-depth basics in law and project management
  • Development of comprehensive knowledge in geoscientific data processing
  • Ability to deal with geoscientific questions in the field of economics and law
  • Competence in the oral and written presentation of research content and results

The study takes place in German and English. In the specialization courses, courses are mainly offered in German or English:

  • Environmental management - predominantly German
  • Raw material management - predominantly English