Erasmus Lecture Mobility Incomings


To complement the promotion of student mobility, we are looking for guest lecturers who, through their stay, will strengthen the European dimension of our department, complement our range of courses and impart their expertise to students who cannot study abroad.

In this way, we would like to offer our students not only additional knowledge from their own subject area, but also to give them a further view of Europe.


The university of the lecturer(s) must be located in a university with a valid Erasmus-Charta for Higher Education, ECHE.

Employment with a focus on Earth Sciences, Physical Geography /or Economic Geography


Please contact the International Office of your university and ask about the Erasmus programme: Erasmus Lecture Mobility

Type of Course


Language of Instruction

English or German


Geoscientific and/or geographical content

Preferably with a home-related focus or explanation using a home-related example

Target Group:

Students of Earth Sciences and Geography from the 3rd semester onwards

Duration of Teaching:

Depends on the length of stay of the lecturers.

At least 15 SWS (= 11 hours)

Lecturer mobility is supported by the Erasmus programme of the home university for an average of 7 - 10 days.

The distribution of the 15 SWS over the length of stay is planned in consultation with the lecturer.


End of March - middle of July

Beginning of October - end of January

General Information:

Informationen about Erasmus+ Lecture Mobility

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