Malte Giesenow - happy camel

In 2011, Malte started his studies in Georesources Management and focused during his master’s studies on raw materials management. He wrote his master’s thesis at the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) by Prof. Lottermoser, concerning sustainability in the mining sector.

Malte had no concrete plans concerning the time after his studies but he has always been deeply interested in the topic of sustainability of raw materials economy. That is why he passed his first master’s semester in Mongolia with an internship in cooperation with the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). The project “Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative”, he worked, supports partner institutions to focus on a rawmaterial-based and economically sustainable development. After this semester, he went back again to Mongolia and came back with a backpack full of Mongolian camel-hair-socks.

These were the first steps of his business idea. In October 2016, he founded happy camel and a whole company arised. Local partners sent him now the Mongolian products. Especially the support by Maltes family made the growth of Happy Camel possible.

Since March, Malte works at the Department of Geography on a Mongolia-project in cooperation with the GIZ.


happy camel - impressions