Hydrogeology (LFH)

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The Institute of Hydrogeology (LFH) contributes to teaching especially in the B.Sc. and M.Sc. study courses Applied Geosciences and Georesources Management. Besides the basic courses, education in laboratory and field methods is emphasized. Advanced courses deal with, e.g., groundwater hydraulics, hydrochemistry, solute transport, multivariate statistics, groundwater remediation and modeling. Current research focuses include water supply in karstic areas, numerical flow and transport modeling, iron clogging in wells and acid mine drainage, hydrogeochemistry of trace elements and application of tracer methods in groundwater. The LFH closely cooperates with the Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology (LIH), and networks with regional and national partners in engineering offices, water suppliers and mining companies. Along with the institute´s infrastructure (usage of the new lecture room and CIP pool complex, extensive equipment of modern software as well as laboratory and field instruments), applied research and job market-oriented education are enabled. International cooperation exists with universities in Indonesia, Mexico and Morocco, as well as with the GUTech in Muscat/Oman. In this context, also field courses and final theses are carried out.


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