Division Council


The decision-making body of the Divsion of Earth Sciences and Geography is the divsion council. The council is chaired by the division spokesperson.

In accordance to § 24 section 1 of the faculty regulation, the division council consists of members from the following groups:

  1. All division professors
  2. Three elected scientific staff members
  3. Two elected non-scientific staff members
  4. Two student members each from the student bodies

The members of the division council, the division spokesperson, and their deputies are in office for two years; the student term of office is one year.


Members of the division council (Term of office: October 1, 2018, to Spetember 30, 2020)

Chair: Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach

Deputy: Prof. Georg Roth

Group of divsion professors

Prof. Evgeny Alekseev

Prof. Florian Amann

Prof. Gabriele Marquart

Prof. Martina Fromhold-Eisebith

Prof. Valentin Gordeliy

Prof. Hendrikus Hendricks-Franssen

Prof. Thomas Weirich

Prof. Peter Kukla

Prof. Frank Lehmkuhl

Prof. Ralf Littke

Prof. Thomas Wagner

Prof. Cordula Neiberger

Prof. Carmella Pfaffenbach

Prof. Klaus Reicherter

Prof. Georg Roth

Prof. Thomas R. Rüde

Prof. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth

Prof. Wolfgang Römer

Prof. Jan Schwarzbauer

Prof. Helge Stanjek

Prof. Janos Urai

Prof. Jan van der Kruk

Prof. Andreas Voth

Prof. Florian Wellmann

Prof. Stefan Fina

Group of elected scientific staff

Dipl.-Geogr. Kathrin Heinzmann

Member with voting rights

Dr. Veith Nottebaum

Member with voting rights


Member with voting rights

Group of elected non-scientific staff

Dipl.-Bibl. Cornelia Lutter M.A.

Member with voting rights

Bettina Noll

Member with voting rights

Dipl.-Ing. Sandra Krause Deputy

Student members (two student members each per student body with voting rights)

Till Reicherts

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.3

Jan Wagner

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.3

Nicolas Lange

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.3

Pia Kronsbein

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.3

Florian Kienzler

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.4

Imke Ott

Member with voting rights – Student Body 5.4

Marcel Merkelbach

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.4

Joschka Heyartz

Deputy – Fachschaft 5.4