SPE Officer Meeting Venedig


SPE Regional Section Officers Meeting in Venice

Participants of the 2019 SCEE Regional Section Officers Meeting in Venedig, Italy Copyright: S. Douarche Participants of the 2019 SCEE Regional Section Officers Meeting in Venedig, Italy

This year’s South Central & Eastern European (SCEE) Regional Section Officers Meeting took place from 13 to 15 September in Venice (Italy). Regional Director Jean-Marc Dumas hosted the event together with Shauna Noonan (2020 President SPE international), Ola Davies, Frances van Klaveren (both SPE international staff) and volunteers of the Italian Section SPE.

Being part of a motivated group of about 60 participants from various European countries, we enjoyed the fantastic program which included not only breathtaking boat trips and wonderful excursions across the lagoon of Venice, but also various really interesting talks about activities of the different sections and student chapters as well as discussions about trending topics in the SPE community.

As delegates from the German Section we presented the topic “SPE cares – impact on sustainable development” and initiated an interesting discussion about the potential and effects of implementing sustainable and environmentally-friendly thinking and acting in our workplace and in our daily life.

During the award ceremony, Regional Director Jean-Marc Dumas honored the German Section SPE honored six (!) times.

We are proud of this great achievement and want to congratulate the award winners:

  • Prof. Christoph Hilgers (Regional Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty)
  • Prof. Johann Plank (Regional Service Award)
  • Ingo Forstner (Regional Service Award)
  • Joschka Röth (Regional Young Member Outstanding Service Award)
  • SPE Student Chapter RWTH Aachen University (Excellence Award)
  • SPE Student Chapter TUBA Freiberg (Excellence Award)

Joschka and Prof. Plank received their awards personally. The remaining awards will be handed over to the respective recipients at the next opportunity.

The complete list of 2019 SPE Award Recipients can be found here.

The meeting was also a fantastic opportunity to strengthen our international relations, to refresh established contacts and to start new friendships. We are extraordinary thankful to the organizers of this great meeting and we are looking forward continuing our high performance on a regional level.

Author: Joschka Röth, RWTH Aachen University