Stone by Stone

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As part of the "Explain it to me, RWTH!" video series, our specialists from the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology present different types of rocks. In six episodes, their specific properties and formation history are covered. Unfortunatly, the videos are only availible in German.

The videos were produced and published in cooperation with RWTH Aachen's service point Media for Teaching.

Part 1: Sandstone Part 2: Metamorphic rocks Part 3: Carbonates Part 4: Granite, Basalt, and Pumice Part 5: Manganese Nodules Part 6: Rock salt

Part 1: Dr. Frank Strozyk on sandstone.
Part 2: Leonard Kaiser on metamorphic rocks
Part 3: Jörg Smodej on carbonates.
Part 4: Raphael Werner and Lukas Bahnen on granite, basalt, and pumice.
Part 5: Mirjam Rahn on manganese nodules.
Part 6: Dr. Frank Strozyk on rock salt.