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First enrollment, then studies. To make sure that things run smoothly, we have put together all the important information for you.


International Prospective Students

International students who are not processed the same way as Germans must always first apply and enroll at the RWTH Aachen International Office.


Enrollment or Application?

Make sure you know the difference between application and enrollment. You get a study placement at RWTH Aachen, that is you become a member of the university, by enrolling. In some courses of study it is possible to enroll in person in the Registrar's Office or via online enrollment without applying beforehand.

In some courses of study there are more prospective students than study placements available. RWTH Aachen has applied for restricted admission at the responsible ministry for these courses of study. Please refer to the current RWTH Info or our courses of study to see what subjects have restricted or open admission. You must apply before a certain deadline for these subjects.

If your application was successful and you receive an admissions letter for your desired course of study, you can enroll at the Registrar's Office during the enrollment period stated in the admissions letter. Please remember to bring all necessary documents with you.

When do I need an application for enrollment or an application to change enrollment?

You need to submit the application for enrollment if you are enrolling at RWTH for the first time or were a student at RWTH in the past and would like to enroll again. If you are currently a student at RWTH Aachen and wish to change your course of study or degree program, you must submit the application to change enrollment.

Enrollment for Doctoral Studies

Do you want to complete doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen? Here you can find all the relevant information about doctoral studies, enrolling for doctoral studies, and further training opportunities for doctoral candidates at RWTH Aachen. We also offer special information about doctoral studies enrollment for internationals.

So einfach geht die Einschreibung bei der RWTH Aachen

Frequently Asked Questions

How does enrollment work?

Students can enroll online for courses of study with open admission starting August 1 for the winter semester and February 1 for the summer semester. This is convenient and requires a shorter processing time.

Is online enrollment equivalent to enrolling in person?


Does the application process only work online?

No, you can prepare the application online, print it, sign it, and then send it with the necessary supporting documents to the RWTH Aachen Registrar's Office.  If your application is complete, you will be enrolled in the desired course of study.

Where do I enroll online?

You enroll through the portal Online Enrollment.  Here you will fill out your enrollment application step by step.  You will asked for the date on which you earned your university entrance qualification, whether you have already graduated from another German university, and what degree you earned.  Therefore, please try to have all the complete information about your education thus far available.

What documents do I need to attach to the printed out application?

  • An official, notarized copy of your University Entrance Qualification Certificate (necessary for all applicants)
  • Proof of exemption from compulsory health insurance (applicable for those privately insured) or a certificate of your public health insurance. Note: A simple membership certificate is not sufficient. Please request an "Insurance Certificate for Submission to a University" from your insurance company (applicable for those publicly insured).  You can find tips in our handout about health insurance.
  • Copy of your personal identification card, passport, or documents in lieu of a passport (necessary for all applicants)
  • Proof of a completed pre-internship of at least six weeks in length (applicable only to those enrolling in the Bachelor courses of study for mechanical engineering, material sciences, technical communications with a second major in the basics of mechanical engineering, raw material engineering, and industrial engineering with a concentration in mechanical engineering.) Note: Please inform yourself in advance which guidelines for pre-interships apply to you. These can be found on your faculty's website.
  • Proof of a completed pre-internship of at least four weeks in length (applicable only to those first year students enrolling in the Bachelor courses of study for civil engineering, environmental engineering, and industrial engineering with a concentration in civil engineering or material and process engineering.) Note: Please inform yourself in advance which guidelines for pre-internships apply to you.  These can be found on your faculty's website.)
  • Proof of participation in the Self Assessment Test for your subject (applicable for all applicants to a Bachelor course of study), as well as proof of participation in the prospective students open day for those in the physics course of study.
  • Termination of studies certificate from the last college, university, or technical university  you attended (necessary for anyone who has previously been enrolled at another college, university, technical university)
  • Notarized copy of your diploma from abroad or domestically (necessary for those who have already finished a course of study)
  • A certificate from the doctoral committee for admission to doctoral studies
  • Proof of previously completed semesters (usually through the course record book, but also possible with a termination of studies of certificate; applies to anyone who wishes to continue their studies after having discontinued them)
  • Placement decision of the appropriate exam board (necessary for those who wish to continue their studies after having discontinued them). This is a certification of which subject semester your previous academic efforts will be accredited to. It is signed by the head of the appropriate examination board.  There is no official form for the placement decision.  Further information is available on the websites of the respective faculties. 
  • Certificate of Good Standing; this is issued by the respective RWTH Aachen examination board (necessary for those who were previously enrolled at another university either domestically or abroad). A certificate of good standing confirms that there are no objections based on subject grounds, that you are beginning a course of study, and that you have a right to examincation in "your" new subject.
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of German. Note: It is possible that you may need to make up a German exam.  This is applicable, for example, for certain Masters courses of study (necessary for EU citizens and Germans with a foreign university entrance qualification. Note: This is not applicable to those who wish to enroll who have attended a German school abroad.).
  • Official Recognition for University Entrance Qualifications from Abroad, recognizing that the qualification is equivalent to the German university entrance qualification (applies to Germans, who acquired their university entrance qualification abroad).
    For those who have German citizenship and live in Germany, but outside of North Rhine-Westphalia, this official recognition comes from the certificate recognition office of the hometown or federal state.
    German citizens with a university entrance qualification from abroad and who live abroad or in NRW can get this recognition from the Central Certificate Recognition Office of NRW State.
  • A self-addressed enveloped (in DIN C4 format), with €1.45 postage 

Will my documents be given back to me?

Yes, this is why you include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your application.

Who is responsible for enrollment?

RWTH Aachen Registrar's Office is responsible for enrollment.

What are the deadlines for online enrollment?

Please see the current deadlines for the semester.

What happens after enrollment?

After enrolling you will receive a temporary enrollment certificate as proof on enrollment, as well as a transfer form for the semester fee.  After you have transferred the fee to RWTH and it has been received by the university cashier, please activate your account in CAMPUS Office and uploaded a passport photo for your student ID card. You can also print out any number of BAFöG certificates or enrollment certificates here.  You will be able to personally pick up your student ID card, the RWTH Aachen BlueCard in plenty of time before the start of the semester. As soon as your card is available for pick up, we will notify you via email at your RWTH address.  ASEAG will separately send you your Semester Ticket in the mail.

When do I receive my "real" enrollment certificate?

You can personally retrieve and print out your enrollment certificate as often as you would like through Campus Office, the organization portal for students.  Paper enrollment certificates are no longer automatically distributed by RWTH Aachen.

When do I receive my Semester Ticket?

ASEAG (Aachener Straßenbahn und Energieversorgungs-AG)  will send your Semester Ticket in plenty of time before the new semester starts.  It will be sent to the address you provided during enrollment.

Is there another way to enroll?

You can also enroll in person or through the mail.

Can I cancel my enrollment?

Yes, however this is only possible if courses have not yet started (in the summer semester 2012, up until and including April 2, 2012).  In this case, the student body fee and social contribution will be reimbursed back to you.  Once courses have started, you have to terminate your enrollment.  In that case, the study body fee and social contribution will not be reimbursed.

Semester Dates

Can I enroll in a Magister or Diplom course of study?

No, you can only enroll in a Bachelor or Master course of study.

Current Courses of Study