Change beginning summer semester 2018: Enrollment only open until June 30 in the summer semester and December 31 in the winter semester.

Please note that this year – due to the office being closed over the Christmas holidays – your last opportunity to enroll will be on December 21, 2018!

Enrollment Exchange Students



+49 241 80 90832



After you have received admission to exchange studies at RWTH Aachen, officially called "studies without degree," from the International Office, you will receive an email about enrollment procedure from the International Office. By enrolling, you receive RWTH Aachen student status.

After enrolling you must pay the student body and social contribution fee. This is not a tuition fee. All exchange students must pay the fee, as it cannot be waived. Once you have paid the fee, you will receive your personal student ID with your enrollment number and the mobility ticket for students, that enables you to take the buses and trains within Aachen and all of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The NRW semester ticket also allows you to use RE-, RB-, and S- trains, busses, streetcars, city railways, and the subway in all of NRW, that can be ridden with the regional transportation association ticket. You can get additional information about the semester ticket from the RWTH Aachen AStA.

Your Enrollment Date

Due to the introduction of RWTHOnline, the enrollment can be completed online during the following enrollment periods:

Semester Enrollment Period
Winter Semester August 1 to December 31
Summer Semester February 1 to June 30


Any enrollment after the deadline will not be possible. Furthermore, the enrollment must be fully completed by the deadline, meaning that the student body and social contribution fee must be completely transferred onto the RWTH bank account by the date mentioned above. No exception can be made.

For your online enrollment to RWTH Aachen, you will need to upload the following necessary documents: