RWTHonline Now Launched!

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RWTHonline Team



The first components of the new RWTHonline campus management system are live as of December 4, 2017. The implementation of the system is kicking off with the application and admission management functions and the student and fee management functions. Course of study management, course and classroom management and exam management will follow between May and August 2018. The functions available in this initial kick off allow RWTH students, the largest user group, access to RWTHonline first.

RWTH employees can find detailed information about the new application and admission management and student and fee management in the RWTHonline info portal in the University's intranet.

Students, prospective students, and applicants can find the most important information here:

Questions and Answers About the Start of RWTH-Online

What does the go-live of RWTHonline in December mean for me as a student?

The functions you had in CampusOffice under "Studierendensekretariat" until now can now be found in RWTHonline. You will be directed to RWTHonline within CampusOffice. In RWTHonline you will, for example, be able to:

  • your certificates (including your certificate of enrollment, progress of studies certificate, BAfG certificate, and payment confirmation)
  • change your address
  • find payment information for re-enrollment
  • find the application for a leave of absence

If you would like to apply for a higher course semester in an open admission Master's course of study, be aware that there is now an application deadline. Additionally, the enrollment deadline has changed for the doctoral studies programs. There are also changes to the contact persons in the Registrar's Office and International Office. You can find all the information about the new deadlines and contacts in application management in the section application.

How do I log in?

As a RWTH student you will be taken to RWTHonline from within CAMPUS Office when you click on a function in the left menu under "Studierendensekretariat." You will be prompted to enter your TIM ID and password for CAMPUS Office/web services. If you do not know your TIM ID or have forgotten your password, please send an email to the .

You can also use your TIM ID to directly log on to RWTHonline.

As an applicant without a TIM ID, you must first register for RWTHonline. Information about how to register is available under application.

How do I get help?

Different support services are available to help you switch to using RWTHonline:

  • As a RWTH student, you can find instructions on how to use the system in the RWTHonline document portal.
  • If you would like to apply to RWTH, you can find special instructions on the application page.
  • If you have questions about RWTHonline, a central support team is always available. You can contact the team by emailing .

What advantages does the new system offer current students?

  • The new system is optimized for mobile devices: it is web-based, and its responsive design makes it easier to view on smartphones and tablets.
  • The user interface of RWTHonline has a modern look and feel, and the system is designed for improved usability.
  • Users can switch between German and English – a clear advantage for our international students!
    With the help of RWTHonline, many formerly paper-based processes, such as the application process, can now be completed online.
  • As part of the introduction of the new software, all relevant processes have been improved and made more transparent.

What advantages does the new system offer prospective students?

  • Prospective students can comfortably submit their application documents by uploading them.
  • All applicants will have a unified application form unlike previously.
  • An additional advantage is the new application management: a permanent iterative secondary process allows study places to be immediately offered to the next applicant on the waiting list.