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Julia Reißen


Julia Reißen

Koordinatorin Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement (BGM)


+49 241 80 95266



Everyday, university life poses a multitude of challenges to both students and employees. These challenges are often linked to high amounts of stress. RWTH Aachen is deeply committed to becoming a health-promoting university. Our goal is to support all of our members in sustaining and promoting health and well-being.


The Health Portal is an information platform for all members of university who would like to know more about the topic of health at RWTH, would appreciate a private consultation or are looking for work-life balance involving exercise and relaxation.

The coordinator of Operational Health Management welcomes your suggestions and questions at any time.


Task Force for the Promotion of Health

In order to purposefully implement the promotion of health at university, or GF in German for short, an RWTH Aachen task force has been formed. This team is dedicated to:

  • initiating measures to achieve and support a university workplace that is conducive to healthy work habits as well as a healthy lifestyle
  • making the targets of GF at university widely known and strengthening them by means of public relations activities
  • pooling and coordinating existing activities at RWTH Aachen in order to develop a master plan for GF, or the promotion of health at university


Three persons jumping off stairs Benedikt Biesemeier

Step Counter Campaign

The Step Counter Team Challenge kicked off at the Health Day.

The campaign "Every Step Counts" offers the opportunity to take a step in the right direction of moving more in everyday life in a team.

Go for it!: Form a team and encourage your coworkers! Individuals and teams can count their steps on 14 days over the course of year starting May 22, 2017. At the end you'll feel good about having been active and there's a raffle!

You can register here.


Flu Vaccine

All employees and staff once again have the opportunity to get the flu vaccine for free.

Information about the flu vaccine


Health Day

Every two years, the university is hosting a Health Day, each time with a special focus on a different topic.

The last Health Day taking place May 10, 2017, and was headlined by the motto: "Healthy in Every Sense – Seeing, Hearing, Feeling, Tasting, Smelling."


Further Information Offers on the Topic of Health


Healthcare Prevention Courses

Continuing Education Offerings