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Screenshot of RWTH Aachen iTunesU RWTH Aachen

iTunes University, iTunesU for short, is an area within the iTunes store, in which universities can offer podcasts, video and audio files, lectures, lecture notes, and other study materials free of charge. RWTH Aachen has a large amount of materials available in iTunesU.

Audiovisual Offers in Teaching and Research

After renowned universities in the USA and Great Britain have already started using this possibility, iTunesU is debuting in Germany with offers from RWTH Aachen, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, and the Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) Potsdam. Content can be loaded free of charge on any PC or Mac. They offer a large selection of various topics from the university courses and current research findings. RWTH Aachen has a broad selection of audiovisual materials from teaching and research available as well as from the entire academic life.

Access Study Materials via Mobile Devices

Whoever is using an iPod or a similar mobile device, can also comfortably access the study materials at any time. Thus the offer on iTunesU perfectly supplements the successful RWTH Aachen LP-Learning Portal. RWTH Aachen has started with over 200 audio and video recordings in German and English, from computer science to medicine lectures. These recordings will be expanded and updated continuously.