Shipment of Remaining E-Tickets Delayed


Unfortunately ASEAG has had difficulties sending the remaining e-tickets causing a delay in shipment.




Service Center


+49 241 1688 3040



Authorized students, who have not yet received their ticket, can use public transit in NRW with a certificate of enrollment valid for WS 3017/2018 and their BlueCard up through November 30, 2017. This exception is permitted until the new ticket has arrived, but no later than November 30, 2017.

You can print your certificate of enrollment from SelfService. Log in using your ID number and password. You can find the certificate in the virtual Registrar's Office section under “Bescheinigungen.”

If you still have not received your e-ticket by the beginning of the week, we strongly recommend contacting the ASEAG Customer Service Center at 0241/1688 3040 or in person – Schumacherstraße 14, 52062 Aachen – to submit a complaint about the missing e-ticket. ASEAG will then review whether the ticket was returned to them due to delivery complications.

All transit companies and associations in NRW have been notified by ASEAG of the situation.

Should you still encounter any problems while riding the public transit in NRW, send any potentially unjustified “Erhöhte Beförderungsentgelte” (EBE) or “ticket fines” to ASEAG. You can scan these and mail them via or submit the original to

Ms. Thelen at the
ASEAG Customer Service Center
Schumacherstraße 14
52062 Aachen.

Please include a phone number should there be any questions.

Replacement tickets issued by ASEAG before the above exception was implemented are valid for the period printed on the ticket, 7 days.

If you have questions, please contact the ASEAG Customer Service Center at +49 241 1688 3040.


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