Vocational Training in Aachen University Hospital

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+49 241 80 88036



You can find information about vocational training at Aachen University Hospital. There are different application requirements depending on the desired vocational training field. Inquiries can be made with the respective contact person.

Michael Krings is responsible for advising apprentices at Aachen University Hospital. He is happy to answer any of your questions.


Application Address

Please send applications for vocations at Aachen University Hospital to the following address:

Universitätsklinikum Aachen

Personalcenter Pauwelstraße

52074 Aachen


Vocations in the Dual System

Vocations in the Dual System Contact Persons
Name Email Telephone
Chemical Laboratory Assistant currently not offered
Industrial mechanic

Dietmar Faßbänder

Axel Honne

+49 241 80- 886 24

+49 241 80 89174

Mathematic Technical Software Developer

IT Specialist

apl. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Deserno +49 241 80-887 93
Axel Blum +49 241 80-896 96

Medical Assistant

Michael Krings +49 241 80-805 13
Dental Assistant Michael Krings +49 241 80-805 13
Animal Keeper Dr. Christiane Herweg


Academic Vocational Courses of Study

Academic Vocational Courses of Study Telephone
Pediatric Nursing +49 241 80-89484
Occupational Health Nurse
Physical Therapist +49 241 80-88039
Speech Therapist +49 241 80-89967
Medical Technical Laboratory Assistant (MTLA) +49 241 80-88094
Medical Technical Radiology Assistant (MTRA)