Writing the Thesis


A student may only begin his/her Master thesis project once he/she has obtained 80 ECTS and the research project has been approved by the Joint Examination Board.

Should there be cogent grounds for a student not obtaining the required 80 ECTS, the Joint Examination Board may allow the Master thesis project to begin.

The Master Project has to be finished within 20 weeks. A deadline extension can be granted, if there are compelling arguments. All extensions for submitting master theses need to be approved by the IDEA League academic committee (Joint Examination Board). For theses carried out at RWTH, this needs to be further approved by the local academic committee for the IDEA-League program. If the submission of the thesis needs to be delayed by more than a few days, the main supervisor must also write a request to the Joint Examination Board which will evaluate the case.

The form of making the thesis available is governed by local regulations.

TUD: An electronic copy by due date is needed. If requested by the supervisors and/or co

examiners, a paper copy can be sent later.

ETH: The thesis has to be submitted in a PDF form and, if requested by the supervisors

and/or co-examiners, also in paper form. The PDF has to be submitted prior to the due

date, but a paper copy could be sent later.

RWTH: The thesis is to be submitted in a bound form (hard copy) by the due date, as well as

in electronic form. For observing the deadline, it is enough that the thesis be received

by the first supervisor by the previously announced due date. A statutory declaration has to be added to the bound copy.

However, the exact form of thesis submission at due date can vary according to the preference of the principal supervisor and academic co-examiner from one of the partner universities. The co-examiner for each Master Project will be assigned during the Master thesis period.

Each Master thesis is assessed by an ad hoc thesis committee which normally consists of two scientists, one of whom is the principal supervisor and one from a partner university. The ad hoc thesis committee might be extended to additional members (e.g. the external supervisors from external master thesis projects) without voting right.

The ad hoc thesis committee makes recommendations concerning the grades (A to F) to be given to the thesis and the defense (totaling 30 CP).

The final decision concerning the grades is the responsibility of the two committee members with voting right.