First-year Introducory Event in the Summer Term 2018

Monday, April 9 2018

14:00-16:00 hrs

First-year introduction for students of both "Applied Geosciences" and "Georesources Management"

Be 318, Bergbaugebäude, Wüllnerstr. 2

Time Schedule and Registration for lectures and classes

Based on your curriculum (listed in the short profile of your course of study) your can create your time schedule for your first year at RWTH Aachen University. You can register for lectures and classes via Campus Office as soon as you are enrolled. If there should be any problems with registrations, please inform the student advisory responsible for your course of study by providing your Matrikelnummer and a short description of the problem at hand.

Semester Dates

You can find a thourgh listing of all relevant semester dates here. Lectures start at the date given in our Campus system. Please note that some short courses may commence in the week prior to the first day of lectures.