Enrollment and Student Body and Social Contribution Fee


Information about enrollment you will find here.

We like to point out that every student in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) has to pay a student body and social contribution fee (= Semestergebühren) each semester. This is not a tuition fee. Therefore also each exchange student has to pay it.

The amount is made up of the following costs:

Breakdown of 232.72 euros Semester Fee

Student Body Fee

AStA Student Representative Body

4.60 euros

University Sports

1.17 euros

Childcare at RWTH Aachen

1.40 euros

Student Hardship Fund

0.01 euros

Aachen University Radio Station

0.50 euros

Queerreferat of the Universities of Aachen

0.19 euros

Student Councils of the Faculties

1.00 euro

Semester Ticket Mobility Fee and NRW Ticket*

147.70 euros

Mobility Hardship Fund

0.05 euros

Social Contribution for Student Services

68.00 euros